Protective CE approved armour from SAS-TEC and Knox for Pando Moto motorcycle clothing.

Pando Moto Sas-Tec SC-1/KA2Air Armour


Description: Low profile and high versatility thanks to the intelligent design of the SAS-TEC 2 Air..

Pando Moto Sas-Tec SC-1/KAair Armour


Description: Variant of the popular SC-1/KA model equipped with numerous ventilation holes. Due to ..

Pando Moto Quatroflex Level 2 Back Protector


Product Description:This is a multilayer LEVEL 2 back armour that has optimal shock absorption witho..

Pando Moto Sas-Tec Back Protector


Details:CE Approved Level 1Visco elastic soft foamLightweight, washableExcellent shock absorptionCE ..

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