BowTex® leggings are a technical under garment designed to be worn under fashion jeans to provide protection on the bike whilst retaining an off the bike look, or to be worn under motorcycle trousers or jeans instead of the usual long johns or under layer to provide additional protection. 

The comfortable, breathable stretch fabric is made up of 55% Kevlar, 25% Protex-M and 20% cotton. This high abrasion and temperature resistant composition covers the entire legs not just the usual impact areas. Additionally, these usual impact areas have 100% Kevlar reinforcements along with hip and knee pockets for optional D3O armour. 

The leggings are a stretch fitting garment, and will hold the armour in the correct place during any impact unlike the behaviour sometimes seen with armour in looser fitting protective wear.  For this reason when BowTex® leggings are worn under protective motorcycle trousers, you may choose to place the armour in the pockets of the leggings rather than the protective trousers.