Bowtex’s goal is to create discrete yet super strong underlayers, allowing you to ride safely while wearing your favourite everyday clothes.

So you can ride safe, with your own style!

Bowtex Standard Leggings - Black


Product Description:The black version of our original Kevlar leggings. Not simply dyed in black but ..

Bowtex Standard Leggings - Yellow


Product Description:The famous, original Kevlar leggings. Introduced by Bowtex in early 2015.These l..

Bowtex Essential leggings - Black


Product Description:These essential leggings are your perfect everyday companions. They are super sl..

Bowtex Essential Shirt - Black


Product Description:This vest is your perfect everyday companion. Its' fabric makes it slim enough t..

Bowtex Standard Shirt - Black


Product Description:This garment was studied to keep you warm in winter but still let air in for tho..

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